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Meet the next-generation solar design optimization solution. 


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The Industry's Best Use PVFARM.

PVFARM provides a 1-stop shop for all of your front-end engineering needs to steer your project towards success from the outset.

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Who uses PVFARM?

PVFarm is tailored for stakeholders invested in the preliminary 30% of the design process.

We cater to both fixed and single-axis tracking equipment projects, and service all  aspects (financial, energy performance, electrical, civil, mechanical, and procurement) of the design with particular value for on projects exceeding 20Mw.

Owners & Developers

Consider our platform as your strategic partner, offering essential tools to help you navigate capital project challenges, ensure high-yield and cost-effective solutions, and secure your renewable energy investments.


Engineers & EPCs

Tap into the power of teamwork with our multi-user platform; collaboratively optimize solar designs across electrical, civil, and mechanical disciplines, super-charge your design cycle, and deliver unmatched value to your clients in less time.

Equipment Producers
& Suppliers

Direct R&D investments with precision, spark strategic innovations, fast-track design iterations, and clearly demonstrate unique value to your customers.

Embrace the future.

Dive into the unparalleled potential of machine learning and automation to accelerate your journey towards the next generation of solar design.


Gigawatts, in your browser.

Our industry-leading technology is actively supporting projects larger than 1GW in full engineering detail, including topography. If there's a project too large, we haven't seen it yet*.

* Yes, that's a challenge.


Real Assets,
Real Results.

Utilize the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for an immersive 3D exploration of your projects with full physical and electrical properties, eliminating guesswork and enabling authentic designs you know will perform*.

* and can be built.


Real-Time Insights.

Leverage our BIM engine for model-based takeoff, engineering analysis, saving hours* while gaining unprecedented project insights. Craft custom visualizations of any property (including losses!) effortlessly in just 2 clicks.


* 10's or even 100's of hours.


Collaborate, Innovate, Repeat.

Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art design versioning system, promoting swift iterations and sparking innovation. Bolstered by collaborative, multi-user editing, no concept goes overlooked*.


* so follow the white rabbit...🐇

Bring your existing workflow.

We're not reinventing the wheel and you shouldn't either.


Bring your new (or old) CAD-based layouts and turn them into full 3D designs in just a few clicks.


Export .SHD scenes (including 3D tables) for analysis using industry workhorse PVSyst. 


Import boundaries and topographic surfaces from Google Earth and CAD formats, including C3D.


Easily apply imagery from typical aerial view applications to provide additional context.